Our Guiding Vision

Strong fundamentals are key to a long and productive aerial lifespan. Most setbacks in training are the result of shortcuts taken with fundamentals. Developing strong fundamentals from the beginning helps aerialists progress throughout their aerial journey, and when experienced aerialists reach a plateau in their training, coming back to fundamentals helps them break through. 

Our Founders

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Aerial Fit® Online is the brainchild of Jordan Anderson and Clayton Woodson, co-founders of Aerial Fit® and lifelong partners. The two are dedicated to the art and craft of teaching, and have spent many years with a full-time aerial teaching schedule. They’ve taught a variety of students and body types, and they are aerial nerds who love breaking down each skill into manageable progressions to help all types of students progress. 

How to Use Aerial Fit® Online

The Master Courses on this site are intended for experienced aerialists to learn nuance...they are not intended for those who are brand new to the skills.  Each Master Course brings our wealth of teaching experience to you. You’ll be able to explore a variety of technique tips and skill progressions, to help give you new ideas for your own training and for your teaching if you are a coach. Our hope is that others who love the art and craft of aerial will use the ideas presented here as starting points for their own explorations, and continue developing the aerial craft further.

The Aerialist Home Workouts on this site are intended for experienced aerialists to keep up with their skills while they are away from the aerial equipment. In our teaching we often use a variety of ground drills to help aerialists build strength or mobility, understand a motion or action, or just get a better feel for a skill. We’ve taken some of our favorites and put them together into a format you can use for training at home, for those days you are away from your equipment.

Use the contact form to contact us with any questions, or to submit a request for a skill you’d like us to explore in depth through a Master Course. Be safe, be smart, and enjoy the learning process.

Happy flying!

Visit us in person or virtually for classes, workshops, and private instruction!

Our studio is located in beautiful Charleston, SC, surrounded by beaches and southern charm. Our facility is fully equipped with 25' ceilings, 9 rig points, climate control, soft gymnastics flooring, crash mats, and a wide variety of apparatuses. 

We also offer online classes for aerialists stuck at home without equipment, and virtual private lessons for those with access to aerial equipment.

Copyright © 2020 Aerial Fit LLC.  All rights reserved.
Copyright 2020 Aerial Fit LLC.  All rights reserved.