Cultivating great aerial experiences.

Aerial arts with an emphasis on aerial smarts

Jordan and Clayton have curious minds, always eager to take a deeper dive and to see things from a different perspective. Their inquisitive natures are perfectly suited to the creativity and physics at the core of aerial arts. They’ve been described as “elite aerial nerds” and they are excited to share their discoveries because they’ve seen first-hand the powerful impact an aerial practice can have on so many lives.


About Jordan and Clayton

Teaching comes naturally to Jordan and Clayton as the practice has been central to their lives for many years. In fact, between them they’ve garnered nearly 40 years of cumulative teaching experience!

Before discovering the circus arts, Clayton was a swimming instructor and a first-grade teacher, and Jordan taught yoga full time. Each of them brought to their work in the aerial arts the experience they’d already gained from those early years of teaching.

When the couple discovered aerial arts as adults in their early 30’s they were immediately drawn to its combination of physical, mental, and artistic challenge. Jordan was drawn particularly to the soft apparatuses (silks, sling, and rope) because the combination of brainwork necessary in the wraps and bodywork in the air kept her fully engaged, while Clayton was drawn to the solid apparatuses (lyra and trapeze) which immediately felt like a natural fit. Although they both cross-train on all the apparatuses, they’ve each developed unique curriculums for their own particular favorites.

Before anyone was teaching aerial in the Charleston area, the couple began seeking out pioneers in the field to visit and learn from. In their early days they were especially influenced by The New England Center for Circus Art’s focus on solid technique, Paper Doll Militia’s focus on combining technique with artistry, and Aerial Space of Asheville NC’s focus on building a strong culture and teaching with intention. Since their beginnings Jordan and Clayton have been immersed in fully exploring their cumulative learning and they have used their discoveries to develop unique curriculums based on making aerial accessible to nearly any type of body through a strong emphasis on solid technique and efficient movement.

Jordan and Clayton performed together and as soloists under the stage name Wonderson Duo and even founded their own performance company, Circus Building Entertainment, which makes aerial and ground circus entertainment available for events in and around Charleston SC, their current home base.

The duo’s experience of living and breathing aerial arts, which always felt nothing short of amazing, resulted in the couple’s decision to focus the majority of their energy on teaching as a means of creating the chance for others to immerse themselves in aerial at a deep level.

Teaching has always brought Jordan and Clayton incredible joy, and building a successful aerial studio together has helped to fulfill their dreams of teaching and sharing that joy. Their studio is filled with strong and creative people who support each other, push each other, and challenge each other to constantly test the limits of what they are capable of both in the air and on the ground, both inside and outside the aerial studio.

Seeing their students discover their own unique strengths and then carry those discoveries over into their day to day life is what drives the couple’s teaching passion and challenges them to continue adapting and refining their curriculums to best meet the needs of each individual student they encounter.


About Aerial Fit®

Jordan and Clayton created their aerial studio from the ground up. There were no other aerial schools, or anything even similar, in the entire state of South Carolina! They built out the facility to handle the unique safety requirements. They built the community of curious movers who give life to their space. They started small with just a few classes per week, and organically grew into a successful studio by responding to their students and always diving deeper into their material.

Jordan and Clayton strongly believe that aerial is truly for every body. Can’t climb? No problem. Not strong enough to even grip the apparatus? They’ve got suggestions, modifications, and fun things for you try. Jordan and Clayton have spent over a decade honing their curriculum and progressions to give anybody who wants it a deep learning experience in aerial arts.

Seeing the effects on their 5,000+ students, and how many “Ah-ha” moments have been generated with their creative drills and progressions inspired them to create Aerial Fit Online. Because everybody starts as a beginner, they’ve developed a vast beginner curriculum and effective ways to take students to the next level.

For the more avid students they’ve created a unique curriculum for developing student showcases that gives their students the experience of performing in a real show. They wanted to share that experience and those resources because they truly believe that any body can benefit from circus arts, and that benefit can be more than meets the eye.

As busy studio owners and instructors, they know that many aerial instructors have limited time in their schedule. Everybody wants to help their students succeed, but without the time and experience to draw on it can sometimes be difficult to know how to help your student. That’s where their experience, and the 20,000+ hours of time they’ve put into their curriculum come into play! Their motivation in creating this resource is to help teachers succeed, so their students can thrive.

How we help new teachers

Save Time

New teachers want to quickly build up a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their students succeed. Draw on our vast experience to identify common mistakes before your own students begin to make them. 

More Confidence

New teachers don’t yet have the wealth of knowledge that comes with time and experience. Our dynamic video library helps you bridge the gap by filling in the blanks and giving you practice at knowing exactly what to look for in your students.

Detailed Instruction

Each skill in our library is it’s own mini-immersion into aerial technique. We’ll help you train your eye, make new connections, and give you a multitude of tools to solve problems before they arise in your students.

How we help experienced teachers

New Ideas

Experienced teachers learn from their students. Diving into the knowledge we’ve gained from our decades plus experience with thousands of bodies can offer a fresh perspective on both familiar moves and new variations.

New Connections

We all fall into teaching patterns and our dynamic library is designed to foster new connections that break through old patterns. Combining your experience with ours can give you fresh ideas and bring new inspiration to your teaching!


Our challenges, themes, games, and more are designed to spark ideas for your own teaching or training. The more experience you have to draw on the further you will go with a little nudge from us. Sometimes all you need is a spark to get going.

How we help serious students

Deep Dive

For students who long to dive deep into the aerial arts and learn like a pro, we’ve designed instructions to show why skills work, where they lead, and how they can go wrong, an approach that lends a whole new depth to personal aerial training.

Next Steps

For serious students who’ve reached a plateau and need guidance on where to go next, our library is packed with step by step directives. For X skill mastered? Try Y. Having trouble with Z skill? Try this instead. Our virtual shelves are packed with unique and unexpected connections that work.

Coach’s Eye

Serious students often benefit from gaining a coach’s perspective. Our site is designed for teachers, which makes it an invaluable resource for study and, by extension, for learning how to better coach yourself.

Our Experience

We have been teaching full time since 2009, and every single class and choice has been geared towards providing our students with great foundations for success. Yes we teach advanced skills, but where we truly excel is in adapting a variety of skills to create a vast beginner curriculum.

Unique Students

We always love meeting new students and take great joy in seeing how circus affects each one in different ways.

Unique Skills

We have developed a deep curriculum for Aerial Silks, Sling, Lyra, and Trapeze. This curriculum has been in use, with continuing development, since 2009 and it is presently in the process of being put to video.

Unique Years

We have been in business full-time since 2009. During those years we’ve spent a lot of time teaching, a lot of time training, and a lot of time playing and exploring new ideas that were inspired by our students or our own training.

Our students are our true motivation. Seeing them shine brings us joy!