Aerialist’s Home Workouts

No access to aerial equipment? No problem! Our On Demand Aerialist’s Home Workouts are designed for aerialists who are away from their equipment but want to maintain their aerial strength and mobility. We love finding useful and fun ways to train aerial skills on the ground, and many of our students over the years have had breakthrough moments from these drills. All of the skills and drills we present on the ground translate directly to skills in the air.

For these workouts you will not need aerial equipment, and most are designed to be done at home with limited space. Check each workout description to see exactly what is required.

Aerialist's Home Workouts

#0043 | Meathook Ground Workout

#0042 | General Aerialist Flow

#0041 | Knee Hang Shin Block Ground Workout

#40 | Wheeldown Ground Workout

#39 | Ground Inversion Drill Workout

#38 | Full Mill Circles Ground Workout

#37 | Straddle Beats Ground Workout

#36 | Flamenco Grip Ground Workout

#35 | Hip Circles Ground Workout

#34 | Sling Splits Ground Workout

#32 | Pull-Up Pyramid Choose Your Own Adventure Workout

#31 | Gazelle Rollup Ground Workout

#30 | Iron T Ground Workout

#29 | Handstand Conditioning - Shoulders and Straddles

#28 | Leg Mobility - Pull Up Bar Workout

#27 | Crossback Straddle Ground Workout

#26 | Rebecca Splits Ground Workout

#25 | Butt, Of Course! Ground Workout

#24 | Path to First Pull Up - Pull Up Bar Workout

#23 | Thutt Back Balance Ground Workout

#22 | Hang Tight! Shoulder Ground Workout

#21 | Pull Up Technique Pull Up Bar Workout

#20 | Middle Splits Ground Workout

#19 | Magical Power of Backbending! Ground Workout

#18 | Deep Compression Pull Up Bar Workout

#17 | Get To The Point! Ground Workout

#16 | Candlestick In The Ropes Ground Workout

#15 | Pillar Splits Ground Workout

#14 | Where'd My Abs Go? Ground Workout

#13 | Pullover to Arm Breaker Pull Up Bar Workout

#12 | Creature Roll Ground Workout

#11 | Double Knee Climb Ground Workout

#10 | Around the World Pull Up Bar Workout

#09 | Hoop Splits Ground Workout

#08 | Flags Ground Workout

#07 | Front Dives Ground Workout

#06 | Straddle-Ups Ground Workout

#04 | Splits in the Air Ground Workout

#05 | Slow Star Drop Ground Workout

#03 | Amazon Ground Workout

#02 | Ankle Hang Ground Workout

#01 | Arrow Flip Ground Workout

Crossback Straddle Conditioning

Knee Hang Conditioning

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