Crossback Straddle Conditioning by Aerial Fit

Crossback Straddle Conditioning

What this workout includes:

This 35 minute workout targets many of the muscles and movements you need to develop an easeful Crossback Straddle on Aerial Silks. Jordan Anderson, Aerial Fit® Founder, leads you through a workout that you can do at home with no aerial equipment needed, to get your body crossback straddle ready. Expect lots of core and active flexibility work.

What you need:
  1. Some floor space (yoga mat recommended).
  2. A little bit of wall space (just enough for you to sit with your back to the wall).
  3. Two grip balls or two hand towels. 

  1. Basic knowledge of the Crossback Straddle, but no experience with it is required.
Crossback Straddle Conditioning
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Video: 35 Minute Home Workout
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