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Now you can condition your vertical grip strength at home!

Condition your vertical grip strength at home with Aerial Handles! Aerial Handles help aerialists in training to make the most of their aerial classes by building grip strength, shoulder alignment, and core stability at home.

Aerial Handles transforms any pull up bar into an aerial conditioning station. Aerial Handles are a multi use attachment that you can use to train at home, at the gym or on the road.

The stronger you get in your own time, the more time you can spend on learning new skills in class. Use Aerial Handles in addition to regular and proper aerial skills classes with a trained instructor.

Aerial Handles contains only the pull-up bar attachment, not the pull-up bar itself.

Assorted Colors Available

All of our Aerial Handles are made by hand from retired training and performance fabric. We always keep a variety of colors. You can select your color when you click through to purchase.

Aerial Handles can attach to your pull up bar in seconds.

About Aerial Handles:
Aerial Handles were developed in response to our students’ request to be able to safely train at home or while traveling. Aerial Handles are great for building and maintaining our fundamental strengths, especially grip, shoulders, core, and back strength necessary for aerial. All Aerial Handles are hand made from a strength tested nylon blend. It is the same material we train, teach and perform on.

Do your Aerial Handles feel slippery?
Your Aerial Handles may feel more slippery than the material you normally train on. That’s because we ship the handles out with clean material that doesn’t have any rosin or sweat in them. If they feel too slippery for you, then there are several things you can do.
  • Ask your aerial instructor if you can bring a small amount of rosin home with you. 
  • You can purchase rock rosin or spray rosin online. 
  • You can also use hairspray. Just spray a little on your hands prior to using the Aerial Handles. 
  • You can dampen your hands with water. Your Aerial Handles will also get easier to grip as you build strength. 

We always recommend trying your first few exercises each time you train without adding any rosin or other grip aids, in order to build more grip strength as you train.

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Our studio is located in beautiful Charleston, SC, surrounded by beaches and southern charm. Our facility is fully equipped with 25' ceilings, 9 rig points, climate control, soft gymnastics flooring, crash mats, and a wide variety of apparatuses. 

We also offer online classes for aerialists stuck at home without equipment, and virtual private lessons for those with access to aerial equipment.

Copyright © 2020 Aerial Fit LLC.  All rights reserved.
Copyright 2020 Aerial Fit LLC.  All rights reserved.