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Send us video for feedback or schedule a virtual lesson.

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Access additional content that we couldn't fit into our library.

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Additional content created by the Aerial Fit Online team.

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Submit Video For Feedback

Let us help you personally master skills from our library. Submit video to receive personalized coaching for the skills in our library that you could use extra help with. We’ll tell you what we see and direct you to specific video resources of the drills we suggest for you.

  • Submission includes one video (maximum 3 minutes in length) or individual shorter videos (up to 3 skills)
  • Purchase includes one optional follow up submission for follow up feedback after incorporating our suggestions.




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* Only available to Basic, Pro, and Premium members.

Virtual Private Lessons

This is a one-hour one-on-one video conferencing with Jordan or Clayton. This session can include use of an apparatus or not. Feel free to pick our brains and ask us your unanswered teaching or training related questions.


1-hour virtual private lesson via Zoom. 




per hour

* Only available to Basic, Pro, and Premium members.

Mini Courses

Access additional content that we couldn’t fit into our library. We have a lot of courses in the works and we will be listing them here in the future.

Free Extras

Our free extras require a Free Membership to access. No payment information is required to sign up for a free membership.

Teaching & Training Articles

Self Spotting for Aerialists
This guide is for teachers looking for ideas to help their students without relying on hands-on spotting techniques.
Best Training Habits of Successful Aerialists
Developing these habits helps students make more progress more quickly with fewer plateaus.

Posters & Flyers

Did you know we created these popular images? They are often attributed to Circus Building. Circus Building is one of our alter egos.

Don’t Be A One-Sided Wonder
Training skills on both sides of the body helps us avoid imbalances that can lead to plateaus in our training and injuries. Mastering skills on both sides of the body means we can connect more skills in interesting ways and be awesomer!
Aerial Performance Pricing
Want to know how to price your next circus or aerial performance? Follow the Fair 4 Four philosophy. Make sure it is fair for you, your teachers, the art form and the client. Please feel free to download and repost this flyer.
Would You Hang Your Car On That?
We made this poster ages ago and we feel warm and fuzzy every time we see it pop up. It is featured in The Aerial Teacher's Handbook by Julianna Hane as well as aerial rigging books.
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