#39 | Ground Inversion Drill Workout by Aerial Fit

#39 | Ground Inversion Drill Workout

Ground Inversion Drills Workout

This 35 minute workout is designed to help you master one of our favorite inversion ground drills. There are variations for both newbies and pros. These drills will help you achieve better aerial inversions.

Come join us from the comfort of your home! No aerial equipment needed.

Props needed:

There are many variations of the same drill. Each variation requires different props. If you don't have a specific prop then you can skip the variation or attempt without the prop.
  • Wall space (optional)
  • Stick (optional)
  • Yoga block or firm cushion (optional)
  • Strap (optional)
  • 2 heavy weights, or a sofa (optional)

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Train smart and safe!

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Intro, Props & Disclaimer
Ground Inversions Home Workout

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