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Sling Details

  • Single Point Sling: Currently all of our tutorials are for single point Sling. Many of the skills and drills will also work on Double Point Sling, but not all of them will.
  • Aerial Sling (not Aerial Yoga): All of our tutorials are for aerial sling in a circus setting with aerial rigging, mats, and progressions. We do not offer aerial yoga content in this library. 

Video Tutorials

  • 57 Skill Tutorials
  • Every skill cross referenced with Building Blocks, Common Mistakes, Related Drills, Ground Drills, Variations, Next Steps, Future Goals, and Sequences.
  • 7 Sequence Tutorials
  • Easily browse, filter, and search the content you want.
  • We add new content to the library every week.

Ground Drill Library
The Aerial Sling Library also includes access to our Ground Drill Library.

  • 97 Short Drills
  • 23 Full Classes

Additional Content Included

  • Aerial Teaching Articles
  • Aerial Training Articles
  • Get recommended skills from Jordan and Clayton
  • Save favorite Skills, Sequences, Ground Drills and more for easy reference
  • Class Plans
  • Inspirations
  • Works on all devices. The website is designed to work excellently on desktop, tablet, and mobile phone.
  • Internet Access Required. Currently internet access is required to watch our tutorials. Offline viewing is not available.

Smooth out the learning curve of complex moves and supports.

Becoming the best aerial teacher you can be gets a lot easier with a reliable resource for aerial sling pro-tips and a vast depth of knowledge.

You can’t do it with just a long list of skills or by randomly searching for videos on social media.

Crystal clear instruction. Intuitive progressions. Comprehensive in scope.

What people are saying about Aerial Fit® Online and Jordan & Clayton

We created this resource to make sure aerialists everywhere can get access to in-depth aerial instruction.

Set yourself up to succeed.

This is just the beginning of what you’ll learn from our tutorials.

Learn the Aerial Sling theory and supports that work on a diverse range of bodies and learning styles.

Understand precisely what to look for in your students in each technique.

Instantly spot common mistakes & know exactly how to correct them.

Swiftly and safely move students to the next level.

Aerial Fit® Online can also help you:

 Design adaptable plans so you’ll be prepared no matter the situation.
Boost your confidence as an aerialist.
Apply everything you know into choreography and performing.
 Reignite your passion & inspiration for the art you love!

Take a peek at this month's free skills

Every month we offer a sample of different skills for our Free Members. If you’re curious to see more before committing, then simply sign up with no credit card and take a peek. All of our tutorials cross reference with other tutorials so you’ll get a sense of the depth of our content. In order to view all of the cross referenced skills you will need to purchase a paid trial membership. 

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Curious if Aerial Fit® Online is Right for You?

Aerial Fit® Online is highly focused on safety, details, and proper progressions. This approach is for people who are serious about aerial arts and who want to dive deep. If that’s NOT your jam, we’d prefer to help you figure that out BEFORE you join rather than waste your time.

If you’re an aerialist at any level, the Aerial Fit® Membership will help you grow into an exceptional aerialist who can rapidly progress through new skills and further grow into an exquisite aerial artist with a deep respect for the craft, and a clear understanding of the how’s and why’s of each skill.

Aerial Fit® is Designed for

Newer Teachers Looking to Grow
Teaching to diverse students presents many complexities that you probably didn’t cover in teacher training! Now you can have ongoing support, instant answers to the questions that come up in your classes, and solutions to challenges your students face. Boost your confidence and become a better teacher faster with our proven methodology.

Experienced Teachers Seeking Fresh Inspiration
It’s easy to lose your spark when you’ve been teaching the same thing for years. If you’re looking for fresh ideas to reinvigorate your teaching, Aerial Fit® can help you reconnect with your passion, discover fresh perspectives about techniques you already know, and integrate new teaching tools that you can apply in classes right away.

Serious Students
If you love to geek out on technique… or you’re hungry to accelerate your growth, Aerial Fit® can help you refine what you know, perfect the details, and more quickly nail difficult material. It can also help you clarify what to work on next, so you’ve always got a big goal ahead of you and a clear path to reach it.

Aerial Fit® is Not right for

New Students
Our library has tremendous resources for teachers who work with beginners… but if you’ve never had an aerial class before, or you’re just barely starting out, you’ll be safer and you’ll progress faster by working with a teacher in-person. (But do tell your teacher about Aerial Fit® Online!)

 Casual Students and Teachers
If you’re not really dedicated to improving your technique as an aerialist, you might be frustrated by the depth of instruction here. Aerial Fit® is best suited to students and teachers who are committed to their craft, and invested in practicing and honing skills—even if that means backing up a step to revisit important foundations.

 Anyone Just Looking for Flashy New Tricks
You might be better off scrolling Instagram. Our videos are in-depth training that teach the mechanics of movement in the air. Yes, we demonstrate impressive skills and sequences… but always with the goal of teaching the how and the why behind each movement so it can be adapted and taught to a variety of bodies.

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