Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar

Tuck Mount
Circus Mount and Dismount Bottom Bar Intermediate Aerial Hoop Video Tutorial Lyra Online Class
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Lifting the body to hang in an inverted tuck shape on Aerial Hoop is one of the most classic mounts on to the bottom bar and up to the top bar. It can be efficient, direct and fast, but it isn’t easy. This video will cover several different variations of circus mounts and dismounts as well as many of the most common mistakes students make.

It is important to remember that due to the curve of the hoop and normal differences in body shapes a circus mount may be very challenging if not impossible for some students. Fortunately there are a lot of different options to get up on an aerial hoop.

A circus Mount isn’t just challenging because of fitting the legs under the bar. It is also a major strength skill that involves elements of leg lifts, pull-ups and core compression. There are a lot of mistakes students make as they work through the strength challenges and these are detailed in our common mistakes section below.

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Building Blocks & Prerequisites

Some of the most important aerial hoop skills, related movements, and prerequisites from our aerial video tutorial library that students should be very comfortable doing to succeed at Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar.

Teaching Tools

Common Mistakes & Solutions

These are the most common mistakes we see with students when they are learning how to do the aerial hoop skill Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar and detailed directions on how to fix these problems to make the skill look and feel easy.

Related Aerial Drills

These similar aerial hoop skills and aerial drills are helpful to troubleshoot and help with problems. Students don't need to have mastered the Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar to work on these related skills and drills. These drills may help your students make important connections and answer the question "What am I doing wrong?".

Ground Drills for Aerialists

These are some of our favorite ground drills for aerialists for Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar. They can be used as part of the ground warm up or as part of the aerial class teaching progression.

Aerial Hoop Variations

These are different variations of Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar. Students should be very comfortable with the current skill before working on these different or more advanced variations. They can be used for further exploration, managing students with different levels and adding variety to aerial hoop choreography.

Planning Ahead

Next Steps

These are the next steps we teach to our aerial hoop students after they’re comfortable with Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar. The next steps can be started right away and they lead toward specific future goals which are often the most advanced aerial hoop skills.

Future Goals

These are some of the more advanced hoop skills that build on the strength and control taught in Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar. They are not the next immediate steps, but rather long term planning goals.


Aerial Hoop Sequences, Transitions and Combinations

These are aerial hoop sequences, transitions, and combinations that include the aerial skill Circus Mount: To Bottom Bar. They are fun, creative, and challenge sequences from our aerial video tutorial library.

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