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Pullover to Sit Sequence Aerial Hoop Video Tutorial Intermediate Lyra Online Class
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The Pullover to Sit Sequence on aerial hoop is a short teaching sequence. We use it for conditioning, to help students build strength and control and, of course, to have some fun at the same time. The pullover is an obvious strength building skill. The Hip Hang Arabesque is mostly there for fun, but it does build active back bend strength. The front balance roll up is a skill that requires strength and control. Finally the pivot to sit from front balance requires a lot of focus and control to make the transition look easy and graceful.

Since this is a conditioning sequence make sure students are doing everything on both sides.

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Skills in the Sequence

These aerial hoop skills are the major components of the sequence. Click each skill below for details about mastering the skill, then watch the video above for details on the transitions.

Add on Sequences

Combine shorter sequences into one longer sequence. These sequences can combine nicely with this current sequence.

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