Master Your Windmill Hip Key by Aerial Fit

Master Your Windmill Hip Key

A clean windmill hip key is an inspiring skill and it's a prerequisite for many drops, dives and advanced wraps. Our comprehensive course breaks it down into smart progressions with targeted drills to train out your weak spots and build on your strengths.

Be the boss of gravity! Don’t let gravity boss you around.

An effortless looking Windmill Hip Key is possible for anyone who trains smart, and this course is designed to give you the tools you need to make your training time productive and engaging. Windmill Hip Key is both fundamental (it leads to a lot of other skills), and incredibly challenging to master (because it takes so much strength and body awareness to achieve.)

Aerial Fit Teaching Experience

  • Combined 20+ years of aerial teaching experience.
  • Combined 20,000+ hours of teaching and class planning. Excludes personal training and performing time.
  • Thousands of unique adult students from recreational to pro-track.

Course Content

  • This course is a distillation of the Windmill Hip Key curriculum we've been teaching and developing since 2009.
  • It includes in-depth written content and video content.
  • Videos are edited for clarity and emphasis.
  • Clear, insightful voice overs have been added thoroughly explaining drills.
  • Text summary of key highlights and common mistakes for videos and drills.
  • 20+ videos which include numerous drills and countless details.

Course Includes 4 Video Assessments

Personalize your experience with the benefit of an experienced coach's eye. Each body is different and sometimes specific tweaks need to be made to make a drill work best for you. Throughout the course you'll have the opportunity to submit your video so we can point you towards exactly what you need to focus on. 
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Master Your Windmill Hip Key

Course Prerequisites
How to Use this Course
Why We Love this Skill
Main Building Blocks
Common Pitfalls
Definitions & Goals
Let's Get on the Same Page
Proper Fabric Placement
Basic Hip Key Drill
Check in - Video Assessment
Main Building Blocks - Scissors
Scissoring Drills on the Ground
Active Scissoring Support
Scissoring Drills on the Silks
Main Building Blocks - Straddles
Active Straddle Drills on the Ground
Proper Straddle Up Demonstration
Straddle Up Drill - Butt Lifts
Straddle Up Drill - Kiss the Hands
Check in - Video Assessment
Pathway Drills
Pathway Drill on the Ground
Pathway Basics Using the Knot
Putting it all Together
Solid Foundations = Solid Skills
Knee Hook to Windmill Hip Key
Windmill Hip Key in the Air
Troubleshooting Drills
Train Out the Pitfalls
Pitfall #1: Losing Height
Pitfall #2: The Tail is Too Low
Pitfall #3: Bad Pathway
Bonus Material
Bonus Hip Key in the Air Entrance
Wrap Up
Wrap Up

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Copyright 2020 Aerial Fit LLC. All rights reserved.