#10 | Around the World Pull Up Bar Workout by Aerial Fit

#10 | Around the World Pull Up Bar Workout

Around the World At-home Pull Up Bar Workout

This is a replay of one of our live-streaming workouts. This workout targets the strength, mobility, and movement smarts needed to master an Around the World! Next time you're in the studio training with your coach, ask them about aerial progressions to build on what you've done at home.

Around the World is a fun and exciting skill that can be done on Aerial Hoop and Trapeze.

Here's an example of Around the World on Lyra. There are many ways to do Around the World and this is just one example.

Props needed:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Chair or band for assists (optional)
  • Yoga mat or similar soft surface
  • Yoga block or rolled-up yoga mat or very firm cushion


Intro, Props & Disclaimer
Around the World Pull Up Bar Home Workout