Hip Key Thread Through Dive to Revolving Door Sequence



Level 3


Hip Key Thread Through Dive to Revolving Door Advanced Aerial Silks Sequence Video Tutorial Aerial Arts Online Class
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This aerial silks sequence combines two different dives that can be done without taking all of the fabric wraps off. It’s always fun to see how wraps that seem complicated by themselves can sometimes connect pretty seamlessly from skill to skill. In this video we show two versions of this sequence, one where the drops are done full out, and one where we walk them through. This video goes into detail about the transitions between the skills.

To master this sequence it’s important to be training the skills on both sides of the body. Many people find that their “”good side”” on one dive will lead to their “”goofy side”” on the dive that follows it. For that reason, this sequence makes a great teaching or training challenge for intermediate and advanced level aerialists.

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Skills in the Sequence

These skills are the major components of the sequence. Click each skill below for details about mastering the skill, then watch the video above for details on the transitions.

Add on Sequences

Combine shorter sequences into one longer sequence. These sequences can combine nicely with this current sequence.

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