Opposite Side Dive to Hip Key Descent Sequence



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Opposite Side Dive to Hip Key Descent Sequence Aerial Silks Video Tutorial Beginner Fabric Online Class
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This short aerial silks sequence starts in an Opposite Side Wrap, takes a standard forward salto, and then climbs out of the wrap in an interesting way to exit directly into a Russian squat. That Russian squat sets us up for a Hip Key, and the sequence ends with a sliding Hip Key Descent down the fabric.

This is a sequence that we teach to our intermediate level aerial silk students who are exploring their opposite side wraps, and also to students who are interested in finding new ways to exit from an opposite side wrap. Although this combo can be performative, we actually like it best as a teaching sequence that helps students understand how an opposite side wrap works and how it’s related to a Z wrap on aerial silks. Anytime our students are inspired to master their skills and transitions and fabric theory knowledge, we are very happy teachers.

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Skills in the Sequence

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