Push Me Pull You to Illusion Sequence



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Push Me Pull You to Illusion Sequence Aerial Silks Video Tutorial Intermediate Fabric Online Class
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This aerial silks sequence combines a Push Me Pull You inversion with an Illusion. In this sequence the Illusion is done slowly, so it’s appropriate for students at many levels. This sequence requires keeping track of which fabric is where, because choosing the wrong side in the Illusion will get a student stuck. That makes this a great sequence to explore for fabric theory understanding, and we teach it just for that purpose in our aerial silks classes.

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Skills in the Sequence

These skills are the major components of the sequence. Click each skill below for details about mastering the skill, then watch the video above for details on the transitions.

Add on Sequences

Combine shorter sequences into one longer sequence. These sequences can combine nicely with this current sequence.

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