Strength & Flex Home Workout On Demand Bundle by Aerial Fit

Strength & Flex Home Workout On Demand Bundle

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This is a collection of our  live-streaming workouts replays.
Each workout is approximately one hour long and includes a warm up, strengthening and conditioning drills for specific skills.

Target the strength, mobility, and movement smarts needed to master skills!

Props needed:
  • Each course has a list of the props needed.
  • Please click through all the individual course to make sure you have all the props needed for the bundle.

What's included?

Strength & Flex Home Workout for Amazon

Strength & Flex Home Workout for Ankle Hang

Strength & Flex Home Workout for Arrow Flip

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Our studio is located in beautiful Charleston, SC, surrounded by beaches and southern charm. Our facility is fully equipped with 25' ceilings, 9 rig points, climate control, soft gymnastics flooring, crash mats, and a variety of aerial apparatuses including Aerial Silks, Sling, Rope, Trapeze, Lyra, Straps, Invented Apparatuses, and more. For those distant, we offer online classes for aerialists stuck at home without equipment, and virtual private lessons for those with access to safe rigging of their own.