I love your app. The content is so well put together! I have to admit, split silks aren’t my primary apparatus, but I feel confident learning and teaching because I have this tool.  Thank you again for such a high quality product.

Kelly Courson
Studio Owner and Instructor

More Testimonials

“Jordan and Clayton have the most comprehensive set of progressions I’ve ever seen. Their explanations provide everything you need to master teaching, and performing, each move.”

Jennifer Titche
Aerial Instructor
Kelly Courson
Studio Owner and Instructor

“I love the Sequences! You can make a whole lesson plan out of one. The ‘Common Mistakes’ section is incredibly useful for clues on which parts will be most challenging for my students.”

Valerie Phillips
Co-Owner of Aerial Space studio and Aerial Instructor

“Jordan and Clayton are amazingly talented as teachers. Their meticulous feedback helps each student grow, with just-in-time tips for common sticking points and student-specific help for your unique challenges. Being their aerials student has made me a stronger more focused learner and a better teacher myself.”

Deanna Caveny
College Professor and Administrator

“Aerial Fit and their curriculum has laid extremely solid foundations on which I have been able to build my aerial career as a coach and performer. Thank you, Clayton and Jordan!”

Anastasia Timina
Aerial Instructor & Performer

“Y’all, this is AMAZING! It is incredibly easy to fall down the rabbit hole and just keep going from one skill to the next.”

Abi Locatis Prochaska
Mom and Science Communicator

“Jordan and Clayton are the elite aerial nerds. Their curiosity and understanding of the mechanics of aerial is pursued with an unwavering commitment to detail. They think of everything- so you don’t have to.”

Rachel Strickland
Artist and Business Coach

“You both have done an amazing job with the online program! It’s so easy and fun to learn with it.”

Caitlyn McCracken
Fabric Fanatic

“I have to say you have the most interesting content I’ve found and you’re the third library I’ve used like this. Your content isn’t just people doing drops, but there’s actual progressions into those drops which as a teacher I really appreciate seeing. Also you have lots of cool movements.”

Joel Le Clercq
Aerial Instructor & Performer