Aerial Fit® Circus & Fitness Training

Aerial Fit® Online is a comprehensive resource for mastering challenging aerial skills through a focus on smart progressions, skill breakdowns and skill specific conditioning workouts. Designed by instructors who have taught thousands of unique students over a decade of daily classes.

Live Online Classes

Looking for live online group classes that require no aerial equipment? While our studio is temporarily closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, we have moved some of our ground based classes online. Visit our schedule and sign up for online classes here.

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Aerialist's Home Workout: Crossback Straddle Conditioning

This 35 minute workout targets many of the muscles and movements you need to develop an easeful Crossback Straddle. No apparatus required.

Aerialist's Home Workout: Knee Hang Conditioning

This set of ground based drills focuses on improving your strength and alignment for an easeful Knee Hang. No Apparatus Required.
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Breathing for Aerialists

Get in touch with your deep core engagement by learning how to breathe. This course sets you up for success with challenging aerial skills.

From The Ground Up: Master Your Hip Key

Master your Windmill Hip Key with a proven plan that covers intelligent progressions to target your weak spots and build on your strengths.
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Aerial Fit® Online was created with the vision that online learning can be both useful and fun, and to balance out all of the aerial “trick” tutorials already online. Our dream is to provide a resource for aerialists to gain mastery of those skills in a compelling and fun format.

Aerial Fit® Online is for anyone who wants to get better at aerial arts!

Online courses are coming in early 2020. Stay tuned for updates!