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EXPERIENCED teachers looking for fresh ideas.

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SERIOUS students looking for in-depth instructions.

Our approach is simple and effective

To master your skills you need to observe with a coach’s eye to detail, respond wisely to what you see, and compassionately evaluate the results.

Master • Observe • Respond • Evaluate

And this approach is built right into the library

Dynamic Aerial Video Library

Always know what to do next!


Search, filter, browse class plans or inspirations, and go down the rabbit hole.


Learn how to do the skill, where to look for problems, and how to fix them.


Take what you learn and go forward, backward, or sideways with endless options.

Upgrade, downgrade or cancel anytime.

How we present skills

We custom programmed our library to present the skills just as we teach them. It’s like getting inside our coaching brains. Here’s what you’ll see.

Every skill includes a main video.

In-Depth Skill Description

Each skill is clearly demonstrated on video with accompanying voiceover explanations. The focus of each of these videos extends beyond just how to do it, to what to look for in your students when they do it.

Then explore the next steps

Building Blocks

Sometimes knowing when you or your student are ready to work on a new skill is half the battle. Mastering easier related skills helps anyone avoid pitfalls and saves time and energy in the long run.

Common Mistakes

Spotting and fixing common mistakes saves aerialists from having to unlearn bad habits and helps them avoid future plateaus.

Related Drills

Sometimes the biggest Ah-ha! moments for students come from doing related drills on the apparatus.

Ground Drills

Learning and practicing related pathways as well as muscle actions on the floor helps with gaining mastery in the air.


Teachers know it’s rare for everyone in a class to be working at the exact same level. Knowing similar variations helps keep everyone in the class on the same page.


Clever and creative sequences are satisfying and fun and we’ve designed them to challenge aerialists’ mastery of the material they’ve learned.

More than just a list of skills. Dive deeper with even more content.


Dive inside our teachers’ brains! In our classes, we always use one skill or concept to teach another and we designed our library to do the exact same thing. 

Class Plans

We have decades of teaching experience and we have taught thousands of students ranging from die-hard couch potatoes to born and bred circus freaks. Take what you need from our experience.

Inspiration & Challenges

Challenges, Themes, Games, and more are designed to inspire your own personal training and your teaching at the same time.


Access a wealth of articles taken from our teacher trainings and teacher and studio owner musings. Learn more about different learning styles, creating a culture, structuring progressions, running a studio, running a class, and more.

video feedback

Submit a brief training video for personalized feedback from us. We’ll tell you what we see and direct you to specific video resources of the drills we suggest for your issue.

virtual private lesson

This is a one-hour one on one video conferencing with either Jordan or Clayton. A session can include use of an apparatus or not. Feel free to pick our brains and ask us your unanswered teaching or training related questions.

We've got a lot of skills and even more on the way

We’re launching Aerial Fit Online with our vast beginner and experienced beginner curriculum. We have a lot of Level 1 and Level 2 Aerial Silk skills. Our higher level Aerial Silks curriculum is on the way and we’re adding new content weekly.

New content added every week!

Aerial Silks Skills


500 Plus

Ground Drills


150 Plus



200 Plus

Class Plans


100 Plus

Inspirations & Challenges


100 Plus

Teacher Development Articles


50 Plus

Other Apparatuses in the works

Aerial Hoop

Planned Skills

400 Plus


200 Plus

Aerial Sling

Planned Skills

400 Plus


200 Plus

Static Trapeze

Planned Skills

400 Plus


200 Plus

How we help new teachers

Save Time

New teachers want to quickly build up a wealth of knowledge and experience to help their students succeed. Draw on our vast experience to identify common mistakes before your own students begin to make them. 

More Confidence

New teachers don’t yet have the wealth of knowledge that comes with time and experience. Our dynamic video library helps you bridge the gap by filling in the blanks and giving you practice at knowing exactly what to look for in your students.

Detailed Instruction

Each skill in our library is it’s own mini-immersion into aerial technique. We’ll help you train your eye, make new connections, and give you a multitude of tools to solve problems before they arise in your students.

How we help experienced teachers

New Ideas

Experienced teachers learn from their students. Diving into the knowledge we’ve gained from our decades plus experience with thousands of bodies can offer a fresh perspective on both familiar moves and new variations.

New Connections

We all fall into teaching patterns and our dynamic library is designed to foster new connections that break through old patterns. Combining your experience with ours can give you fresh ideas and bring new inspiration to your teaching!


Our challenges, themes, games, and more are designed to spark ideas for your own teaching or training. The more experience you have to draw on the further you will go with a little nudge from us. Sometimes all you need is a spark to get going.

How we help serious students

Deep Dive

For students who long to dive deep into the aerial arts and learn like a pro, we’ve designed instructions to show why skills work, where they lead, and how they can go wrong, an approach that lends a whole new depth to personal aerial training.

Next Steps

For serious students who’ve reached a plateau and need guidance on where to go next, our library is packed with step by step directives. For X skill mastered? Try Y. Having trouble with Z skill? Try this instead. Our virtual shelves are packed with unique and unexpected connections that work.

Coach's Eye

Serious students often benefit from gaining a coach’s perspective. Our site is designed for teachers, which makes it an invaluable resource for study and, by extension, for learning how to better coach yourself.

Our Experience

We have been teaching full time since 2009, and every single class and choice has been geared towards providing our students with great foundations for success. Yes we teach advanced skills, but where we truly excel is in adapting a variety of skills to create a vast beginner curriculum.


Unique Students

We always love meeting new students and take great joy in seeing how circus affects each one in different ways.


Unique Skills

We have developed a deep curriculum for Aerial Silks, Sling, Lyra, and Trapeze. This curriculum has been in use, with continuing development, since 2009 and it is presently in the process of being put to video.


Unique Years

We have been in business full-time since 2009. During those years we’ve spent a lot of time teaching, a lot of time training, and a lot of time playing and exploring new ideas that were inspired by our students or our own training.

Search, filter or go down the rabbit hole

Search by name and keywords

All of our skills have simple descriptive names and sub-lists of other common names.

Filter by category and level

All of our skills are categorized by skill type and level. You can filter in the way that best helps you see the big picture.

Go down the rabbit hole

Explore our library by following how one skill links to another. You might end up someplace unexpected!

Works on any device


Our library is built for your browser so feel free to use a large screen if that suits you best.


It all works on tablets too. All you need is an internet browser.


Our resource definitely works on phones! All you need is an internet browser.


For experienced teachers, new teachers, and serious students.

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