A shoulder course for Aerial Instructors, Aerial Students, Aerial Performers, and Aerial Enthusiasts.

Aerialists Happy and Healthy Shoulder Course

Shoulder Complex Member

The Aerial Movement Science: Shoulder Complex course includes:

  • 24 different drills for the shoulders.
  • Articles on shoulder anatomy and physiology.
  • Each drill includes a video of how it is performed and its purpose, as well as suggested frequency of use.
  • Downloadable and printable reference handout with pictures of all of the drills and instructions on how to do them.
  • This is a self-led course and you will get access to the entire course all at once.

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What people are saying about Aerial Fit Online

Deanna Caveny

“Jordan and Clayton are amazingly talented as teachers. Their meticulous feedback helps each student grow, with just-in-time tips for common sticking points and student-specific help for your unique challenges. Being their aerials student has made me a stronger more focused learner and a better teacher myself.”

Abi Locatis Prochaska

“Y’all, this is AMAZING! It is incredibly easy to fall down the rabbit hole and just keep going from one skill to the next.”

Caitlyn McCracken

“You both have done an amazing job with the online program! It’s so easy and fun to learn with it.”

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