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Double Knee Climb Separate Fabrics Aerial Silks Intermediate Climbs Video Tutorial
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Double Knee Climb is the first variation of split fabric knee hook climbs that we teach our students. We teach this at the beginning of our intermediate level once students are confident in their Inverted Tuck Ups and Inverted Pikes. This climb can be challenging to master so we’ve developed lots of drills and progressions to help students succeed.

Getting a good strong knee hook that doesn’t slide is what makes the Double Knee Climb successful. Our videos show lots of tips and tricks to achieve this or improve it. Once this version of Double Knee Climb is understood, then we introduce different variations including Double Knee Climb with Knees on Same Fabric, Teardrop Climb, Can Can Climb, and more.

Become an Aerial Fit Online member to access the video for Double Knee Climb. This in-depth video will explain how to properly train this skill. It also includes cross references to the most important Building Blocks, Common Mistakes, Related Drills, Ground Drills, Variations, Next Steps and Sequences.

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Building Blocks & Prerequisites

Some of the most important aerial silks skills, related movements, and prerequisites from our aerial video tutorial library that students should be very comfortable doing to succeed at Double Knee Climb.

Teaching Tools

Common Mistakes & Solutions

These are the most common mistakes we see with students when they are learning how to do the aerial silks skill Double Knee Climb and detailed directions on how to fix these problems to make the skill look and feel easy.

Related Aerial Drills

These similar aerial silks skills and aerial drills are helpful to troubleshoot and help with problems. Students don't need to have mastered the Double Knee Climb to work on these related skills and drills. These drills may help your students make important connections and answer the question "What am I doing wrong?".

Ground Drills for Aerialists

These are some of our favorite ground drills for aerialists for Double Knee Climb. They can be used as part of the ground warm up or as part of the aerial class teaching progression.

Aerial Silks Variations

These are different variations of Double Knee Climb. Students should be very comfortable with the current skill before working on these different or more advanced variations. They can be used for further exploration, managing students with different levels and adding variety to aerial silks choreography.

Planning Ahead

Next Steps

These are the next steps we teach to our aerial silks students after they’re comfortable with Double Knee Climb. The next steps can be started right away and they lead toward specific future goals which are often the most advanced aerial silks skills.

Future Goals

These are some of the more advanced silks skills that build on the strength and control taught in Double Knee Climb. They are not the next immediate steps, but rather long term planning goals.


Aerial Silks Sequences, Transitions and Combinations

These are aerial silks sequences, transitions, and combinations that include the aerial skill Double Knee Climb. They are fun, creative, and challenging sequences from our aerial video tutorial library.

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