Four Climbs into Starlette Drop



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Four Climbs into Starlette DropV2 Aerial Silks Advanced Choreography Video Tutorial
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This sequence combines 4 different kinds of climbs, one drop with poses on the way into the wrap, and some opportunities for creating and enjoying a spin. We really like combining different types of climbs because it makes climbing feel more like choreography, instead of just practical. And, in this sequence we transition from our last climb directly into the first step of wrapping for our drop, and finding transitions like that also makes sequences appear more seamless.

The drop that’s in this sequence is one that has a complicated wrap. It’s really important to master the drop by itself first before putting it into a sequence. If you’re not very familiar with Starlette be sure to click through to the skill page that’s linked below to get detailed instruction on making that drop successful and safe.

Become an Aerial Fit Online Pro or Premium member to access the video for Four Climbs into Starlette Drop. This in-depth video will explain how to properly train this sequence. It also includes cross references to all of the skills in the sequence and additional sequences that can be added on to this sequence to create an even longer sequence.

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Skills in the Sequence

These skills are the major components of the sequence. Click each skill below for details about mastering the skill, then watch the video above for details on the transitions.

Add on Sequences

Combine shorter sequences into one longer sequence. These sequences can combine nicely with this current sequence.

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